Product Designer Joe Bunyan presents a new cycle accessory.

Two of my main interests are product design (this comes in handy when working as a product designer) and bicycles. Being a product designer, I have a keen interest in developing not just client’s new ideas, but also ideas of my own. These interests led me to developing an idea for a new cycle helmet. I originally began this project as part of my final year project at university, and have since been refining the design using CAD and prototypes.

Every year the Taipei hosts the Taipei International Cycle Show and features over 1000 booths showcasing the latest bicycles, parts and technology for the industry. Combined with this is a host of manufacturers who specialise in producing goods for the bicycle industry and other consumer goods. In addition to this, the show runs a design competition with applicants presenting their ideas for the next uber bicycle or bicycle component. After applying for this competition, now in its 20th year, I have been lucky enough to be selected as a finalist, and invited to Taiwan to attend the award ceremony. Hopefully I can get some reward for all those all-nighters spent in my final year of uni slaving on this project!

Taipei is famed for its manufacturing as well. Formerly dubbed ‘The Bicycle Kingdom’, it has a particular speciality being all things bicycles. Combined with China mainland, they produce 67% of the world’s bicycles, for top quality brands such as Giant and Merida. This is of particular interest to us at Duku as we often work on new ideas for bicycles and cycle accessories, so whilst here I’m also taking the opportunity to check out new ideas and tech for cycle accessories.

After 23.5 hours of solid travelling I’ve finally reached my destination in the heart of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Included within this was a brief stop-over in Hong Kong, where the clear blue skies painted a birds eye view of the sprawling Sim-City-like mass of high rise apartments snaking through the mountains. Departing the bay was a fleet of cargo ships likely sending across Made in China products all over the world, and perhaps even some belonging to clients Duku has served.

We see this as a great opportunity for Duku as well, as we’ll have the chance to speak directly with some of the best manufacturers in the consumer goods industry. Alongside this I’m looking forward to meeting with some of our existing manufacturers, and developing trustworthy relationships with new high-quality manufacturers who can help us bring your ideas to life at Duku.

I’ll be giving a presentation about my new cycle helmet on Thursday, following which the finalists will be judged so fingers crossed! I’ll be back soon with an update to let you know how it went.

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