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Prototype Design

  • Proof of Concept Prototype

  • Development Prototype

  • Presentation Prototype

  • 3D Printing


  • Vacuum Casting

  • Virtual Prototyping

  • CNC Machining

  • Textile Prototypes

Your product – brought to life!

Prototyping is an exciting and essential part of the product design process as it allows you to assess and test a physically model of your proposed design for the first time.


The latest rapid prototyping techniques

Duku specialise in a wide range of prototyping techniques to help bring your new invention to market including SLS/SLA, CNC machining, vacuum casting and 3D printing. Our network of prototyping suppliers both in the UK and Far East means that we can supply cost effective prototyping for your new product.


Proof of concept prototypes

Sometimes, prototypes are required purely to test the principle or basic functionality of a design, to prove that certain ideas, features and mechanisms will work correctly. These prototypes do not usually represent the intended styling of the product, however, a proof of concept prototype is a useful and cost effective way of analysing and testing the design before further work is carried out.


Development, presentation & textile prototypes

A development prototype helps to identify ways to refine and improve your product. It is important to evaluate the styling, functionality and overall dimensions of your design during the product development process.  Development prototypes can often be produced using cost effective rapid prototyping techniques such as SLA/SLS, 3D printing and CNC machining. We can also create textile prototypes and patterns that can be used for mass production of textile products.

Presentation prototypes can be produced that represent how the final product will look and perform. This type of prototype can act as a reference for manufacturers and enable you to promote your design before final production begins.

These are essential for an investor or retailer in order to fully demonstrate your product. A presentation prototype will often be produced using CNC machining or vacuum casting processes to give a top quality representation of the final functionality, materials and appearance of your product.

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