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Launch your product successfully

A strong marketing strategy is crucial to launch your product and ensure its value is communicated to the target market. Without one, a product can remain unnoticed in a crowded market sector and fail to fulfil its sales potential. We work with an experienced Marketing agency to ensure your product will be launched successfully using a campaign designed specifically for your product, potential customers and market sector.

Bespoke marketing plan

Following an initial consultation to establish a brief for the promotional campaign, a bespoke plan is produced for your project, including aspects such as social media, PR and website design and build. We can also create copywriting content, professional images and graphics to support the launch. A promotional calendar is put in place to ensure consistent exposure through the most appropriate channels. This stage is bespoke to your project. The target audience, publications used and social media sites will be discussed and agreed with you.

Targeted marketing campaigns

Our targeted campaigns will:

  • Highlight an appropriate way to target customers.
  • Provide content for social media.
  • Attain coverage in relevant sector publications.
  • Create product imagery for advertisements.
  • Create copywriting to support media coverage.
  • Be tailored to your individual requirements.

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