Tidy Table

Versatile Table Mounted Bin

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Create a compact, table mounted bin that could be clipped to a table to encourage customers in restaurants and cafés to dispose of small items such as condiment wrappers, tissues and packaging. The aim was to reduce the time it takes for staff to clean tables and keep the restaurant looking tidier. The bin was to be easy to detach and empty whilst looking smart. It also needed to be cost effective to produce.

Design Process

Duku carried out concept development and CAD work to explore the appearance, size and functionality of the bin. In particular we focused on how best to fix the bin to tables, whilst also creating an easy to remove lid and bin.

The design has a fixed frame that remains on the table whilst the bin can be easily lifted out once the lid is unclipped. The lid is designed to be counterbalanced so that it easily returns to its resting position. A ramped profile to the front of the lid allows waste to be easily swept into the bin from the table.

Detailed CAD involved designing all the components so that they could be cost effectively injection moulded. Further refinements focused on creating an interchangeable stubber plate should the bin be used outside as a cigarette bin.

A range of prototypes were created, initially to test overall form, function and the assembly of the table mounted bin, before presentation prototypes of the finalised design were used to demonstrate the product in a range of colours and finishes at a trade show to generate interest in the product and initial orders.

Following this, a production quotation stage was undertaken to establish mass production tooling and unit costs for the table mounted bin. At this stage a range of materials were explored for the final product to ensure its suitability to both indoor and outdoor environments.

The result

The product generated a lot of interest from cafes and catering companies as a result of its demonstration at trade shows, and Duku will be assisting with the successful cdelivery of Tidy Table through to production. For more information contact info@duku-design.co.uk or visit www.tidytable.co.uk

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