“Duku successfully helped me through the complexities of not only designing my product but also the further processes involved in delivering my product to market.”  

The Pilgo

Pill Swallowing Cup

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The Pilgo was created as a direct result of our client’s anxiety when swallowing pills and tablets. Rather than struggle on with an issue that affects thousands of people, he decided to do something about it and develop a product to solve the problem.

Design Process

Duku carried out a concept development phase, exploring different ways in which pill swallowing could be made easier for those who struggle. This included research and trials at care homes. Following the concept development phase, CAD work was carried out to develop the product for prototyping. Here, the focus was on creating simple mouldings to minimise production costs. The CAD model allowed us to develop a unique mesh design inside the lid that supports the pill and allows water to flow around it effectively when the cup is tipped to improve pill swallowing. An initial SLS development prototype was created to allow us to check the overall size, shape and functionality of the design. Following the initial prototype, some minor changes were made to the design to improve the fit of the lid before a further vacuum casted prototype was created to accurately portray the final materials and design. As the design of the product was being finalised, Duku began developing a strong, smart brand and cost effective packaging to complement the product. A UK patent application was filed on the design of the product, and a trademark was filed on The Pilgo name. Both of these processes were undertaken in house via our sister company Albright IP, ensuring a product and brand that would be very well protected in the marketplace. Following the successful design and prototyping phase, Duku sourced a UK manufacturer for the product, establishing competitive tooling and unit costs for the product, before assisting throughout the sampling and manufacture stage. This involved liaising directly with the manufacturer to manage the tooling process and deadlines, and making some minor CAD changes to the design to improve the mouldability of the product. Whilst managing the manufacturing process, we also assisted with CE marking of the product. The Pilgo is classified as a class 1 medical product, so in order to obtain a CE mark, a thorough technical file needed to be prepared which included amongst other things, details about the manufacturing processes, materials, and locations. There are also certain requirements that needed to be included on the product packaging and instruction leaflets.

The Result

Following a successful tooling phase and an initial sampling run of units, the product was exhibited at an international trade show for pharmaceutical products. The client now has distribution deals in the UK and with countries across the world as well as selling the product online in the UK. As a result of the success of the product, the client is now developing additional products to add to the range. For more information or to buy The Pilgo now visit www.dosego.co.uk.

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