Sticky Heelz

Two-Part Anti-Slip Heel Pads

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Sticky Heelz began when our client realised she had too many pairs of her favourite shoes in the wardrobe that she couldn’t wear because they slipped at the heel. Something had to be done. We were asked to design the anti-slip heel pads and carefully consider the materials that would be comfortable to wear but also hold the shoes securely.

Design Process

This deceptively simple product had to be broken down and considered very carefully from the start. We began with some early prototyping to decide with our client the basic fixing method and benchmark this against the many existing anti-slip heel pads which don’t meet the performance target required. We sourced numerous material samples to test before agreeing on the optimum combination of contact material, soft backing and skin adhesive to make sure that the product was extremely comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and would not become detached over time. We used UK manufacturers to create accurate prototype parts to complete further testing before identifying a suitable production manufacturer that had the correct certification to produce a skin contact product and could source the exact materials we had specified. We then completed independent safety testing on the materials the manufacturer sourced to ensure the product was fully certified and compliant for sale. Meanwhile Duku created branding and packaging for the product to stand out and highlight the unique two-part aspect to the design that allows it to work so much better than traditional gel heel pads.

The Result

The Sticky Heelz anti slip heel pads are now available to buy online. The product is fantastic for nights out and special events when you don’t want foot pain and discomfort ruining your day. It has recently been endorsed by celebrities including Binky from Made in Chelsea and can be purchased online at

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