Levelling Sleeping Mat

This versatile new concept is aimed at the camping market and eliminates the problems faced when sleeping on a slope.

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The client had initially developed the idea and supplied us with a basic layout for the product and the key design features he wanted to include. The job for Duku was to further develop this idea into a commercially viable product, ready to be presented to manufacturers with the aim of obtaining a licencing agreement. Intellectual property protection was also sought through our partners at Albright IP.


Design Process

The process began by taking the clients initial idea and expanding upon the original concept of a levelling sleeping mat. After discussing the project collaboratively within Duku it was established that significant value could be added to the design by making the product a stand-alone item, to be used with users existing sleeping mattresses. Analysis of the target user found that many already owned a sleeping mat and as such by developing the product as an accessory to these, potential market penetration would be increased.

Through the concept development phase, a large number of concepts were produced looking at the various ways the product might attach to the sleeping mat and how it would function in use. After presenting these to the client the design direction was further refined and development focused on an inflatable, individually segmented design that would attach using elastic straps.

After resolving the final design we moved to producing an accurate CAD model ready for photo-rendering. Special care was taken to improve the realism of these renders by incorporating realistic texturing to the model, reproducing the stretch marks found on inflatable products. The final result was a photo-realistic impression of the levelling sleeping mat ready for use within the presentation documents.


The Result

The levelling sleeping mat features separate chambers that are able to be independently inflated depending upon the environment encountered. Through this design the product is capable of improving the users comfort in camping situations such as; sleeping on negative or sloping gradients, rocky terrain or very cold ground.

The final presentation sheets fully explained the functions of the product through a series of graphics using limited text. The visual nature of documents means that it is critical they can convey the benefits and functions of a product with limited explanation. The client is currently using these to present his idea to manufacturers in order to gain licencing agreements.

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