Slap N Tag

A fun way for kids and adults to tag their belongings, this slap band can be written on time and time again and lets everyone know what’s yours!

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Project Brief

Our client felt more could be done with the simple sprung metal ‘slap band’ to create something more useful but still maintain the unique self-coiling action these bands allow.


The Design Process

Duku began by exploring the concept to think through ideas and add functionality to the familiar ‘slap bands’ that are often used as merchandise or giveaways.

We proposed a moulded silicon material over the sprung metal to give the product a tactile feel and encase the metal safely. We designed a twin shot mould so the product can be moulded in two colours and designed it to include an embedded magnet so it can be stored easily.

A grippy texture was added to the reverse to ensure it holds onto whatever it is wrapped around and the size and shape were carefully considered to make it more practical than existing bands.

The branding and packaging were designed to show the design clearly and demonstrate its uses. We worked with one of our Far-Eastern manufacturers to handle the sampling and manufacture of the initial production run, including ironing out issues with the first samples and sourcing a pen that could be included with the pack.


The Result

The product is ready to go and will be launched imminently, check back soon for more information.

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