Mobility Scooter Cover

A new improved design for scooter covers was long overdue, our client had enough and tasked us to come up with a design that was easy to get out of and could deal with the worst of the Pembrokeshire weather.

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Improve the ergonomics, functionality and appearance of traditional mobility scooter covers whilst paying particular attention to their susceptibility to crosswinds. Our client had the basis of a much improved design in mind and needed help to bring it to life.


Design Process

We spent time discussing the problem and turning our client’s idea into a viable design. Once we had established the basic ‘armadillo’ design, we got the concept thoroughly protected using our in-house Attorneys at Albright IP.

We then designed the mobility scooter cover using CAD and paid particular attention to areas that wind and rain could enter the canopy and also ensuring visibility and appearance was improved over existing designs.

Next our Design Engineer began work to create a fully working prototype not only to develop the design, but also for our client to own, use and test. The prototype therefore had to be robust and built to a standard that would enable our client to present the design to interested parties.

The prototype required large aluminium hoops to be created to an exact shape and unique counterweighted hinges that made the opening and closing effortless. The fabric cover was designed and required two attempts to ensure the quality and fit were up to the level of a production item. Once complete the mobility scooter had a trial run down in West Wales to gain approval from our client.


The result

We are very proud of the exceptional quality of this prototype and that we were able to bring to life our client’s original idea and produce a fully working prototype at first attempt. Now we are working with our client to commercialise the idea using the Intellectual Property that has been gaining together with the prototype that showcase her idea so effectively.

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