LooBlade is a toilet cleaning revolution. This germ-killing, quick-drying reinvention of the toilet brush uses an 8-blade silicone head to enhance cleaning power.

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The LooBlade aims to improve the look, functionality and hygiene of a toilet brush and solve the issue of dirt and bacteria accumulation to create an improved cleaning, draining and drying ability.

Design Process

The idea behind the product was that replacing the traditional brush head with a helical shaped silicone ‘blade’ would result not only in a better performance when trying to remove stubborn stains, but also enable it to be cleaned, drained and dried more easily. A concept development stage built upon the client’s invention and explored additional features that could be included within a patent application as well as developing the functionality and a modern, edgy aesthetic that complemented the innovative blade design. Bearing in mind the proposed silicone material for the blade, we proposed using an overmoulding process to continue this material into the handle to denote grip features. The intention was that the silicone blade could be created in a variety of colours, and the handle grip areas would then be colour coded to match. This approach created a strong & tactile visual identity for the product. Comprehensive CAD work was then carried out to develop the aesthetics and functionality of the product, allowing us to establish a viable approach to moulding the complex helical shape of the blade. We also ensured that product was designed to allow for a cost effective tooling approach. Prototypes were created using a vacuum casting process to allow us to evaluate the proposed design. This process allowed us to use materials that behaved in a similar way to the final production materials, which gave us a good understanding of the behaviour and flexibility of the blade section. Further refinement and prototypes focused on perfecting the shape and helical aspect of the blade, the connection between the blade and the handle, the detailing of the overmoulded grip and the strength of the handle itself. We also focused on reducing material content and improving the mouldability of the design. Whilst the product development process continued, Albright IP drafted and filed a Patent on the design to ensure the novel features were protected. Once the design was refined, a manufacturing specification was prepared, allowing accurate mass production costs to be obtained from our Far East manufacturing partners.

The Result

A crowdfunding campaign was created for the product, which raised £51,000 to fund the tooling and initial manufacturing order for the project. The LooBlade was released to great critical acclaim, and has been featured in numerous publications. It is now available to buy online, and in a wide range of stockists nationwide. For information or queries about this project please contact: info@duku-design.co.uk or visit: looblade.com

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