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Our client approached us looking for a custom enclosure to house a bespoke PCB arrangement for an Audio Visual unit. There were some tight constraints to work to in terms of accommodating various components on the PCB, and the client required an enclosure that could be assembled together without the use of any screws or fixings. The enclosure would also ideally be stackable. This lead to a challenging brief to combine the required functionality whilst also creating a smart, stylish aesthetic.

Design Process

After carrying out some initial concept development work, the proposed design was taken forwards into a CAD stage to develop the style of the product whilst ensuring that it would accommodate the PCB arrangement supplied by the client. This included detailed design for manufacture to provide mounting posts for the PCB alongside bracing points for the various AV connectors as well as developing a design that would allow the two halves of the enclosure to be clipped together to improve the assembly process. The two halves of the enclosure were also developed to allow them to be stacked on top of each other, as required by the brief. Both halves of the enclosure were designed to allow them to be injection moulded as cost effectively as possible, with a simple two part mould. This ensured that production costs could be kept to a minimum. Following the CAD development work, an SLS rapid prototype was created to test the overall shape and functionality of the product. The prototype proved to be very successful, as it provided a very snug fit for the PCB arrangement provided, whilst the two halves of the casing also clipped together as intended. Some minor changes were required to the CAD and to the PCB arrangement prior to manufacture to improve the assembly of the product. Alongside the development of the casing, Duku developed the Lime On Air branding to complement the product. We then carried out a production quotation stage to source a Far East manufacturer for the product, before assisted the client through the manufacturing sampling phase to ensure that final manufacturing requirements and details were resolved prior to production. This included the specification of surface finishes, colours, and silk screen printing of the logos, and other key information that needed to be printed on the mouldings.

The Result

The product is currently undergoing final sampling before its first production run. For information or queries about this project please contact:

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