iGo Desk

An ergonomic travel desk that creates a portable personal space to work or relax anywhere.

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We began working with our client Wendy, who has many fascinating inventions to her name, with perhaps her trickiest brief to date. The idea began when Wendy watched a man struggling in an airport with a coffee on the floor, a lap top on his knee and luggage by his side.

Clearly feeling anxious about his belongings scattered around him and his coffee getting knocked over, Wendy began to wonder if a product could be designed to help.

The task was to create a personal space to work or relax anywhere that could also be folded into a practical trolley or folded down completely to within the confines of hand luggage dimensions.

The Design Process

After some initial design work had been completed at another design consultancy the idea had hit some problems in terms of ensuring it would be stable, how it could transform from one product to the other without creating redundant parts that needed to be stored, and also ensuring the end product was desirable to the target market.

We began with an independent safety review to highlight standards and considerations for such an unusual combination of functions and moving parts. We then got to work thinking about how the design could be arranged to create the desk and a trolley using the same parts whilst ensuring the product would be stable and safe to use. This quickly progressed to full scale proof of concept prototype to test the stability and comfort. This didn’t include all the final functionality but did demonstrate the basic layout of the parts, allow us to sit on and test the design and check the folding procedure.

Next a detailed CAD model was created to fully develop the idea, this changed and evolved as we worked with our client to include as much functionality as possible but ensure the design was feasible and could be fully engineered.

Once the design was complete a patent was filed using our in-house patent attorneys at Albright IP to ensure the many details and functions were well protected.

We then created a full product presentation and video animation to explain the folding procedure and demonstrate the design details.

The Result

The I-Go desk is now being promoted with a view to licensing the idea.

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