Ride Adjustable Tricycle. A tricycle that addresses the problem of instability, impracticality and comfort of a traditional bicycle.

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This idea came from our client watching somebody wobbling to a stop at a set of traffic lights on a bicycle. Wondering if there may be an opportunity for something more stable and more comfortable whilst still allowing the user to exercise, we began looking into the idea.

Design Process

We began by looking at the entire market of transportation products ranging from Segways and bicycles, through to wheelchairs and mobility scooters. We used our experienced Market Researches to analyse carefully where an opportunity lies within this sector to ensure we have a market and consumer in mind as we develop the idea. It soon became apart that there is an opportunity for a more practical and comfortable product beside the traditional bicycle which sells in excess of 3 million units a year in the UK alone. However many find the seat too uncomfortable and the instability and vulnerability in traffic off-putting. Increasing the load carrying capacity and utilising advances in battery and motor technology also allowed us to create a product which could be more relaxing and less exhausting for the rider. This opened up the range of users this product could be designed for which meant we needed to carefully address these different requirements within the design. We created a design which can move between two positons to give two distinct modes for either exercise or relaxation. This sets the product apart from existing products and brings benefits to the user which no existing product offers. The design was carefully engineered to resolve how it would extend and change the rider’s seating positon to provide superior comfort over a bicycle but remain stable and space efficient. A detailed engineering CAD model was created to resolve this whilst research was completed into the shaft-drive system and battery requirements for the proposed motor system. Once completed the design was styled and a video animation create to highlight the movement within the design. Our sister company, Albright IP drafted a patent to cover the innovative features that have been created and a full presentation put together ready for industry.

The Result

The HiCycle utilises a combination of pedal power with advances in battery technology to create a tricycle that is both more comfortable and convenient than a typical bicycle and aims to appeal to a broader range of users. Our client is now actively promoting the product to industry.

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