FOLD-EASE® is a unique, patented paper creasing tool, which improves speed and appearance when folding paper. Dual rollers create a stable, precise fold improving the speed and appearance of folded stationery, can be worn on any finger, even with long nails.

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The client began with the idea of a finger mounted roller to produce a neat crease after noticing there was nothing on the market designed for this purpose. The plan was to set up a company and produce the a paper creasing tool himself.


The Design Process

Our client began by looking into gaining a patent and filed an application to protect the idea, this was an essential first step to ensure the design was protected design work began by exploring how best to mount the rollers and keep the design simple and cost effective to produce. It quickly moved into a proof of concept prototype to test the theory, this was a cost effective rapid prototype with a small machined metal roller to test the functionality of the paper creasing tool. This showed areas for improvement that were adjusted in the CAD model, after which a more developed prototype was then made. Accurate, fully-functioning presentation prototypes were then used to conduct initial testing to provide feedback on the design of the paper creasing tool. Using anthropometric data alongside user testing allowed us to finalise the sizing of the product. Once the prototype was signed off manufacturers were sourced to gain quotes for production. Meanwhile our sister company Albright IP helped trademark the name to ensure the brand was fully protected. Negotiations began with the chosen manufacturer and small changes were made to the CAD to align with the manufacturer’s production methods and tooling requirements. A tool was then produced to the final design and samples were sent for approval. Our client selected the preferred material from a variety of options sent over and small improvements were made to refine certain elements such as the moulding lines and how smoothly the rollers performed. Duku then produced packaging artwork to be sent to the manufacturer to be printed alongside the product and packaged on site. Meanwhile our client began wider market research using an initial batch produced using the new tool. These were sent out to gain feedback on pricing, performance and other aspects which helped inform the project plan. Finally Duku produced sell sheets to help promote the new product and highlight its key features, we also produced a run of packaging for the sample batch in order to provide interested retailers with a fully representative product.

The Result

FOLD-EASE® is on sale, buy yours here:

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