‘I can highly recommend the CAD services they provide. I was amazed at the level of attention to detail and presentation they delivered to bring my ideas to life, I couldn’t have asked for more. This is why I will use their services again in the future.’

Neale Whitehead



Firefighting Assistance Drone

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This conceptual brief called for a remote controlled firefighting assistance drone that would help to reduce the risks imposed on firefighters when assessing a dangerous situation.


Design Process

As the brief was purely conceptual, the client was keen for the design to be packed with advanced features and technology to allow the operator to direct the drone into any situation and feedback vital information before sending in firefighters.

Duku carried out a CAD visualisation stage to help bring the concept to life. This involved creating a detailed CAD model that took into account the potential components and technology that would be included within the design, how they might be packaged, and how the product could work. Some of the functionality and technology is very cutting edge so the design makes allowances for this, and allows for development in those areas.

This CAD model was then used to create high quality photorealistic renders that allowed the client to demonstrate the concept and how it would work within the suggested scenarios. The CAD model was also used to establish a basic overview of the potential components that would be required within the design, allowing the client to carry out initial costings for the further development of the project. Following this, a rapid prototype of the design was created to demonstrate the potential styling, size and functionality of the design.


The Result

The project has received positive feedback from the fire service, watch this space for further information.

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