Drive Flo

A ground-breaking concept for an extendable deflector attached to the front of a vehicle.

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The client approached Duku after wondering about the aerodynamic efficiency of flat-faced commercial trucks. He wanted us to investigate this on his behalf with the aim of developing a new product capable of improving efficiency by reducing fuel consumption. The main output of the project was to produce presentation quality documentation in order to gain a licence deal with prospective manufacturers.

Design Process

The design process began with a full investigation into vehicle aerodynamics, specifically looking at lorries and commercial haulage. This highlighted a number of specific points around a lorry where products could be innovated to reduce drag. After analysing the potential for new innovation regarding these points it was quickly established that the flat, front end was an area that would benefit from further development. With the brief developed, Duku began concept development work to design a product capable of improving the aerodynamic efficiency of the front of a lorry. After exploring many different options a design for an extendable aerodynamic deflector was produced and a prototype developed in order to be evaluated within the wind tunnel. The team spent time at Southampton University, fully testing the new concept and calculating its drag coefficient. We could then calculate the improvements in fuel efficiency. The final stage of the process was to present our findings and promote the product through the creation of professional presentation documents to be used by the client. Patent protection was also filed through our partners at Albright IP.


The extendable aerodynamic deflector provided a 19% reduction in drag at a speed of 60mph. The client is currently using the documentation created by Duku to pursue licensing opportunities.

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