Tennis Ball Collection System

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Our client had already created a functional prototype for a tennis ball collection system which funnels and collects tennis balls into a central basket. As a professional Tennis coach the task of collecting up balls off the court had led to the idea of a system to make this process much more efficient. We were asked to help refine the concept for mass production.

Design Process

We began by thinking about how the final design would need to be constructed and also consider factors such as drainage and how it would be integrated into a typical tennis court. Many ideas were put forward around the basic principle with variations of design for the cover and gutter system. It was important to make use of existing items wherever possible due to the size and number of components needed for the system to work so the design utilises standard guttering to save cost.

A unique design was needed to hold the gutter at the precise angle and also to create a lid to keep out leaves and dirt and prevent people accidentally steeping into the gutter whilst playing. A flush fitting cover was created with a moulded grate system to capture the balls and send them into the collection. The balls move through the system and are collecting into a central basket which fits into the narrow trench yet can hold up to 80 tennis balls. A set of installation instructions and requirements was drawn up with an Architect to resolve how to construct the trench that the system must be built into.

After finalising the concept the CAD model a presentation was put together to help our client promote and discuss the idea with courts around the country.

The Result

This patented design is now in the final development phase, we are working with our client to create full scale prototypes and source a manufacturer for the final design. Check back soon for updates on this project.

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