Coasterless Glass

A unique design that traps condensation and prevents glasses leaving marks on furniture.

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Create a way to trap moisture that condensates on the side of a cold glass in a simple, cost effective, yet stylish way.


Design Process

Our client has already had considerable success with his invention ‘the floating mug’ which was an innovative design combining a coaster into the handle of a mug preventing any marks being left on furniture. We were tasked with finding a way to do the same thing with a drinking glass.

The design had to be simple, cost effective and stylish to complement the design of the floating mug yet function as intended. After proposing various concepts we settled on a single moulded part which fits onto a unique design of glass. To create a working design with just two components meant careful design work to produce a complex shape that could be moulded in production and fit with the manufacturing processes of glassware.

After prototyping the design and making some improvements the design was a success. We then worked to source a suitable manufacturer who could create the production item.

The Result

Watch this space, this design is in the final phase prior to production.  For information or queries about this project please contact:

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