Reconfigurable Pushchair

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The client started with an idea to solve the problem of having a highchair available when out and about with young children. His idea for an innovative mechanism to change the height was something he wanted to license to a manufacturer of existing pushchairs. Protecting the design was therefore a priority, following that the brief was to develop and display the design to a point where it could be licensed to a manufacturer.


The Design Process

This project began at another product design consultancy who undertook initial design work, the client then contacted our Patent Attorneys at Albright IP to protect the mechanism he had designed. They drafted and filed the application to protect the design and provide valuable I.P to allow the client to secure a license deal.

The aim of the project was to achieve a license deal based on the innovative mechanism. Duku became involved at that point to produce design work that would sell the idea and show off the features and benefits of the innovative pushchair design.

We took the idea and redesigned how the mechanism would be incorporated into a buggy. Showing how it works and what is covered within the I.P protection (patent) is crucial to gaining a license deal. Our aim was to demonstrate how the design could be incorporated seamlessly into a modern buggy and highlight how useful the design would be for customers.

We began with concept development work to redesign how the mechanism would be housed without altering or conflicting the patent application. We also designed and styled a modern, feasible pushchair design that did not relate to any existing branded products to ensure the client could approach any of the big manufacturers in this industry with a non-brand specific design.

Next we built a CAD model to produce an accurately dimensioned model that could be moved and folded to really explain the design in detail. This model allowed us to produce accurate, realistic images to really sell the design and instantly convey how it works.

Finally we produced sell sheets from the CAD model which allowed us to place the design in context and highlight the key features. These will be used to fully explain all of the benefits in an effective way to any interested party.


The Result

Following a successfully filed patent thorough our in-house Patent Attorneys and a redesign by Duku to show the idea off to its full potential, the client is now working to secure a licensing deal.

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