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Not just brighter lights, combined headlight and indicator solution, an innovation in cycle lighting and safety

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There are many cycle lights on the market but none which combine all the features that Brightspark provides. Our client wanted to produce a cycle light that didn’t require buying separate products to achieve a fully functional, stylish and safe lighting system for your bike.


Design Process

We began by analysing the market and reviewing what was currently offered. There are high output forward facing lights and there are bicycle indicator products but nothing which combines these along with the ergonomic thinking to ensure it is intuitive to use. The brief also asked that the lights could be easily detached and charged away from the bike via a micro USB. Ensuring they were fully adjustable and adaptable to different handle bar designs was also crucial.

The resulting design is a pair of handlebar attachments which contain 300 lumen forward facing LEDs for class leading forward visibility. A thumb operated switch activates amber bicycle indicator flashers as well as a laser repeater which is projected onto the road to maximise visibility to the surrounding traffic. To ensure the bicycle indicators are not left on a vibration motor is mounted inside the grip to remind the user it is active.

The design is easily removed from the bars by a push button located on the underside, they can then be taken into the office or home to charge and to keep them secure.

We began the process with a thorough analysis of the electronics required to ensure we could provide the functionality required.  Our designers then worked closely with our electronic developer to resolve the design and bring it towards a first, fully functional prototype. The high output LED’s require very efficient heat dissipation and the enclosure itself must be fully sealed from the elements, at the same time minimising the size and weight was also a target throughout.

A promotional Video was produced by our team to allow our client to gain valuable feedback at the CES show in Las Vegas.


The Result

This project is on target for launch later this year but keep checking back for updates and register your interest at

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