Innovative BBQ

Full of practical ideas, this new design turns conventional barbeque design on its head. The radical modular construction is far more compact than a conventional barbeque, yet can cook up to four whole chickens at once in a more efficient and convenient way.

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Project Brief

Our client approached Duku having already built several working prototypes of a modular barbeque which proved the theory around the clever system incorporated into the design which recirculates air inside.

The design cooks food in half the normal time due to the even heat distribution within the top chamber. Whilst cooking there is no need to rotate the food as the patented design creates a swirling vortex of heat that cooks the food evenly without burning or drying. It can also be packed away for storage and is very light and portable.

We were asked to create a CAD model to work out the details of the modular barbeque design and ensure it could be produced in a cost effective way.


The Design Process

This project began with our client completing a patent application with our in-house Patent Attorneys at Albright IP to protect the innovative aspects of the design. They drafted and filed an application to protect the design and ensure the I.P. could then be used to secure a license deal.

Our client had already proven the design worked with a series of working prototypes. Duku became involved at that point to refine the design for production by producing a CAD model so that it could be quoted for production and provide accurate manufacturing drawings. The CAD model also served to allow refinements to be made to the design and explore a change in manufacturing process for some of the parts to improve the functionality and appearance.

Sell Sheets were then created to present the design. There are many features and benefits to the design, these needed to be explained and shown in order to get across all the information to an interested party. The CAD model allowed us to do that without the need to tool up and make a final prototype which would have been very expensive due to the one-off tooling costs.

Once the parts had all be quoted for production a report was produced to allow our client to approach relevant manufacturers with all the information needed to secure a licensing deal.


The Result

The project has just been completed and Duku are now helping to get the modular barbeque in front of the right people, check back soon for an update on this exciting new project.

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