Product Design Services

Our range of product design services help you step by step through the development journey. Our bespoke product development plans are tailored to your individual project requirements.

Whether your goal is licensing, crowdfunding or manufacture, our product design services provide everything you need to successfully deliver your new invention to market.

Concept Development - Product Design Services

Concept Development

Concept Development by DukuEvaluate, explore and develop your idea.

Prototyping - Product Design Services


Product PrototypeRapid prototyping, 3D printing and textile prototyping.

Worldwide Patent Searches - Product Design Services

Worldwide Patent Searches

Worldwide Patent Searches by DukuExplore the potential of your new invention.

Branding & Packaging - Product Design Services

Branding & Packaging

Branding & Packaging by DukuGraphics, Branding & Packaging for your product.

Market Research - Product Design Services

Market Research

Market Research by Duku

Understand your target audience.

Electronic Development - Product Design Services

Electronic Development

Electronic Development by Duku

Electronic development, prototyping and testing.

Duku & Albright IP - Protecting your invention

Intellectual Property

Duku & Albright IP - Protecting your inventionPatents, Trademarks & Registered Designs.

Product Manufacture - Product Design Services


Product Manufacture by DukuQuotations, Sourcing, UK & Far East production.

CAD & Engineering - Product Design Services

CAD & Engineering

CAD & Engineering by Duku

3D CAD for visualisation, development or manufacture.

Video Promotion - Product Design Services

Video Promotion

Video Promotion by DukuVideo animation for effective product promotion.

Product Standards, Certification & Testing - Product Design Services

Standards & Certification

Product Standards, Certification & Testing by DukuDesign for standards, safety testing and compliance.

Product Promotion & Marketing - Product Design Services

Promotion & Marketing

Product Promotion & Marketing by DukuCrowdfunding, social media and bespoke marketing.

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