Market Research - Build better products

Market Research

  • Market Sector Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Product & User Evaluation

  • End-User Analysis

  • Environment & Usage Analysis

  • Product Cost Target

Understand your market

Carrying out detailed Market Research will give you a greater understanding of your potential market and target audience for your product.

The key to a successful product is to understand what your customers want. The information gathered from Market Research helps you to understand your customers and make informed business decisions. Market research will help to define where your product will sit in the marketplace by analysing competitors and establishing opportunities. It will also highlight the size of the market, as well as identifying how you can target potential customers.

Clear, impartial research to build better products

Duku work with an external Market Research agency to provide clear, impartial research about your product idea. This can highlight key criteria which can be considered when developing the product, allowing you to make informed decisions about the design, resulting in a better product.

Create informed presentations

In addition, the market research stage can provide key facts and figures about your potential market and users that can be used to create concise and informative presentations. It is also useful for influencing the direction of product branding, packaging and styling. This is especially important when presenting the idea to potential investors or licensees and will help to give sound justification to the product.

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