Electronic Development by Duku

Electronic Development

  • Electronic Feasibility

  • Hardware development

  • Software development

  • Circuit schematics

  • PCB arrangement

  • Electronic enclosure design

  • Electronic prototypes

  • Electronic assessment

  • Pre-compliance testing

Electronic development made easy

When your product requires bespoke electronic development, our electronic development team become involved from the outset to ensure that electronic and product engineering tasks are coordinated seamlessly.

Electronic Feasibility

Duku offer an electronic feasbility review to ensure a clear understanding of the necessary components, cost implications and detailed Electronic Development work necessary to complete the project. This impartial review allows considered decisions to be made that will inform the further development of the design. This stage can include:

  • Assessment of individual features.
  • Review of overall proposed configuration.
  • Identification of suitable components.
  • Estimated cost of production components.
  • Drive and power requirements.
  • Quote for Electronic Development & testing stages.


Hardware development

Our electronics team will identify suitable components, before preparing circuit schematics and a PCB layout on which the components can be mounted. Once the physical size and arrangement of the hardware has been determined, the product casing can be designed alongside to house the PCB and components. At this point, access to batteries, power and charging charge points, user interfaces and displays can also be considered.

Software development

Bespoke code can be written for the hardware to instruct the design how to operate. This is carried out alongside the hardware development so that the two can then be tested together on an initial electronic prototype.

Electronic Prototypes

Once the Hardware and Software are designed a Electronic Prototype can be built. This prototype can be used to check power consumption & pre-compliance testing, de-bug and refine the design and assess the electronic functionality. Following this, production ready files can be supplied for mass production of the electronics.

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