Concept Development from Duku

Concept Development

  • Design Specification

  • Idea Generation / Brainstorming

  • Sketch Development

  • Design Evaluation

  • Initial Research

  • Mock Ups

Duku excel in bringing new ideas to life

A new idea benefits from professional design input to maximise its potential, resolve functional aspects and build in patentable features.

Our skilled product design team can add substantial value to your new invention by combining our problem solving and design skills with input from our team of Patent & Trademark Attorneys.

Thorough evaluation is essential

Thoroughly evaluating your new idea is an essential step towards successful new product development. We spend time at the start of every project assessing the design and providing input based on our experience. We ask fundamental design questions to build up a clear specification outline of what the new product design must achieve, and the design challenges that may be faced, before putting pen to paper on suggesting ideas.

Creating Intellectual Property

We have the unique benefit of working side by side alongside chartered patent & trademark attorneys, so we understand the value of creating intellectual property. From the outset, we aim to identify design features that increase the chance of obtaining a patent to protect your new idea in the marketplace.

Sketch development to visualise your idea

Building upon our initial evaluation, our sketch development process explores your idea in detail, developing functionality, usability, styling and features that could benefit a patent application.

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