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Branding & Packaging

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Brands that stand out!

A strong brand is an integral part of launching a successful product. Your brand will feature on your product, its packaging, your promotional material and your website amongst other things. For this reason it is essential that your brand stands out, gives the right impression and is reproduced consistenly.

We can help create an effective and coherent brand identity for your product aimed at your target market, this can include brand guidelines and selecting a suitable name for your brand.


Trademark your brand name and logo

Our in-house Trademark Attorneys will complete a free search on your chosen brand name, and are available to help with protecting brand names and logos.


Cost effective packaging

Duku can design high quality, cost effective packaging to get your product noticed on the shelves.

We are experienced in following the appropriate guidelines and regulations to produce industry standard packaging. This includes generating promotional images, wording and instructions for your product.

We will professionally prototype the design and can facilitate the mass production of the chosen packaging.


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